Romantic copywriting for photographer shown in a website mockup

Hello modern, natural and romantic. This website just glows and I cannot wait for you to see and read this sample from a copywriter for female entrepreneurs. This was for photographer, Denise Apgar

Denise came to me after she started working with one of my favorite brand and web designers, Jacki from Foil & Ink. They were planning on a rebrand and Denise’s number one request for me was to put her brand, heart and vision into words.


We set our sights on an inspiring and joyfully organic tone.

  1. Relatable. Real. Down-to-Earth.
  2. Warm. Encouraging. Inviting.
  3. Fun. Spirited. Joyful.

The recipe:

This is the recipe we used! Of course, quite a bit more went into this (research, SEO, revisions), but this is the big picture we used.

  1. Present a modern, natural and romantic vibe of photography
  2. Portray Denise as a photographer who values her clients and the client relationship
  3. Give viewers a sense of who Denise is as a person and a professional

Copywriting for photographer's website shown in an iPad mockup

The brand statement:

Take a look at Denise’s brand statement, before and after we worked together.


“My company exists to capture all the joyful moments life has to offer.”


“Your story matters and is worth sharing with the world. Document the moments you live for with photographs that blend rich, modern tones with happy, organic moments. I’m Denise, a photographer in Sacramento. I document and seek to uplift life’s most inspiring moments. With a focus on weddings, portraits and motherhood, I’ll capture this part of your journey for what it is — real, soulful and entirely yours.”

What Denise said

“Another huge thank you to Lauren @saltedpages who put my vision and heart into words so beautifully. I shared with her how I wanted the viewers to read the site and know the real me. The person who cares about them as individuals and wants to celebrate their stories, but also cares about the details of their day and makes sure it’s captured just right. Lauren, thank you for providing such rich and meaningful words that show my heart so well!”

Believe it or not, tears were shed during our strategy calls together and I wouldn’t change one thing about it. Thank you Denise for opening your heart so I could find the words to share it.

View the new site here.

Copywriter for female entrepreneurs

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Softly romantic sample from a copywriter for female entrepreneurs

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