If you need help getting project feedback and client testimonials, all you need to do is integrate a simple email and form into your workflow.

A note on Dubsado workflows:

One of my favorite features of Dubsado are the workflows. You can use them to automate project correspondence, send follow-up emails for invoices and so much more. Everything from the welcome email to a feedback form can be automated, narrowed down to the very details such as when you send it, what’s required before it can be sent (such as payment), etc. It’s wonderful!

You can tell Dubsado to send an invoice one day after a contract is signed. You can set it up to send a welcome email after a payment is received. Almost any and everything you do for your business can be automated — emails, invoices, forms… You can even automatically put the workflow on hold, let’s say, if payment hasn’t been received by a specific date.

I use the Dubsado workflows to make it super simple and easy for my clients to leave reviews on Google and Facebook, and leave me valuable feedback.

Here’s how to use Dubsado to get testimonials:

  1. Create a feedback form with links to any pages you want reviews on (Google, Facebook, Yelp, LinkedIn). If you’d like, include a comment box for private feedback.
  2. Write a canned email for the feedback form to be sent with. (See my example below.)
  3. Add an action to an applicable workflow. Send the form with the canned email you wrote. Set a schedule for when you’d like it to be sent. For example, after final payment is made on a project, my client receives an email with a link to my feedback form. You can adjust this for your business, such as sending with an invoice, sending two hours after a project reaches its end date, etc.

The specific action in my copywriting workflow:

The exact text I use in my canned email for feedback:

Hi {{client.firstName}}!

Thank you so much for working with me! It was a pleasure to create something that can make a difference for you and your business. 

Please take a few moments to share your feedback. I’d love to hear your thoughts and learn if there was any way in which I could have better served you. You can also leave a review, which is very appreciated! 

{{form | formLink}}

Thank you!


Feedback form for testimonials:

Dubsado feedback form for client reviews

This has been an integral part of my business — adding a professional, positive ending to projects with clients and increasing the reviews I receive online.

If you’re struggling to get testimonials for your business, I highly recommend integrating something like this into your workflow. Whether you have a system like Dubsado that you can use to send a feedback form automatically, or if you simply write up some canned emails in a Google Doc and ask for feedback with a Google form, testimonials are a key part of increasing your credibility and value.

If you haven’t signed up for Dubsado yet, be sure to use my Dubsado discount code, saltedpages, to save 20%.

Let me know if you have any questions by commenting below!


If you missed it, I previously wrote about how I use Dubsado, an online client management system, for my copywriting business.

DISCLAIMER: This blog post contains referral links for Dubsado. If you use them, I may receive credit. Using my links benefits us both!

How to Use Dubsado to Get Client Testimonials

  1. Lindsay says:

    I’m new to Dubsado and I’m looking how to incorporate asking for feedback. This is super helpful! Thanks for sharing.

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