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Writing engaging content for your online business can help you entice ideal clients and get more sales, but how do you write engaging content? One of the most effective ways to make boring content more engaging is to add flavor to everything you write — from your Instagram posts, website copy, to your emails and landing pages.

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1. Make the content about your customer.

Sure, you serve acai bowls, but why should your customers care? Because they’re people who eat every day and want healthy and yummy food. Or maybe you’re a business coach. Your clients don’t want to talk about you, they want to talk about how you can help. Will you work through mindsets, help them land their first client, grow their business to 5K a month? What is it that you do FOR THEM?

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2. Add your personality by writing the way you talk.

If you’re on here, still reading this post, you’re probably like me. You’re running a business and it’s you working one-on-one with your clients. So why is your content so dry and generic? I know you’re not that way! Take advantage of the stuff you write. Make it sound like you! Add the personality, the pizazz, the weird phrases you say… it’ll draw in people who will LOVE working with you, and will push away those you wouldn’t mesh with anyways.

The last thing you want is for someone to hire you because they liked the way your writing sounded, just to find out that it doesn’t match your personality at all. Be true to who you are, and it will attract the right clients.

3. Describe the experience or transformation you provide.

Sure, your business coaching includes two hours of video chats or your wedding photography services include 150 high quality, edited photos, but what do those actually do for your clients? How do they help? This goes back to tip number one! Describe the impact that your service or product will have. A wedding photographer documents memories. A business coach helps new businesses find their version of success.

It’s important to include the x, y and z of WHAT you’ll do, but first and foremost, you need to illustrate HOW it will help. For example, I provide on-brand web copywriting that includes page titles, SEO keywords and meta descriptions, but my clients sometimes don’t even know what those things are. Instead, I explain what I do by describing how it will help my clients stand out online, improve their search engine rankings and get booked.

4. Don’t assume your clients know everything.

Have you ever tried a recipe that would have been delicious, but was missing a bit of seasoning? That’s what it’s like when you talk about what you do, without including those little peppered details. It sounds really good, but is a bit unclear or murky. It’s missing a key ingredient. Your clients aren’t the expert — you are. When you’re describing what you do, be sure to write it from a newcomer’s perspective. Explain the things that most people wouldn’t know. Don’t assume that because they found you, they know what you’re talking about.

5. Teach your clients something.

I’m stuck on the food analogies today, but they’re spot-on. Don’t you love restaurants that cook the meal right in front of you? Like the Japanese places that entertain you with sizzling fires and food throwing? Or what about the cooking classes where you can learn how to make something delicious and eat it too?

You can create a similar, enticing experience for your clients by taking the opportunity to be the expert and teach something. You can do this on Instagram Stories, YouTube, blog posts, email funnels and more. For example, explain how mindsets work if you’re a business coach. Talk about their limitations. If you’re a photographer, talk about editing or the importance of lighting. By showing your audience how to do something, describing how something works or ultimately identifying how to solve a problem, you’re showing your credibility and authority. This adds a flavor that I like to call, assurance, assurance that they can trust you and would be comfortable hiring you.

I could go on all day with copywriting tips, but I don’t want to overwhelm you! By following these five tips, you can make your content marketing more effective and engaging. If you need help creating website copy that converts, writing emails that are actually opened or coming up with a strategy specific to your business and your clients, get in touch here. I’d love to chat with you.

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How to Write Engaging Content for Your Online Business

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