Copywriting doesn’t need to be wordy or flashy to grab the user’s attention, especially when paired with a modern, minimal web design. This tea-loving brand and web designer rediscovered her own minimalistic brand voice through poetic, yet grounded website copy with Salted Pages.

Mindfully minimalistic brand copywriting

As a brand and web designer, Agatha is constantly helping clients revamp their brand strategies. But as Agatha took her niche in a new direction, catering to passion-led, impact-focused businesses, it was time her website content better illustrated her mission. With the help of lots of tea and sea salt chocolates (Agatha was literally baking muffins during our first conversation), we worked together to create SEO copy that perfectly complements this Vancouver web designer’s minimal brand.

The flavor:

In order to attract her dream clients, mindful lifestyle and wellness brands, Agatha’s website copy needed to feel poetic, refreshing and honest. So, we chose these words to set the tone for Agatha’s website.

  1. Considerate
    Your kindness is bountiful and others feel accepted, and heard, in your company.
  2. Sincere
    Never forceful and always honest, your words are refreshing and inclusive.
  3. Poetic
    Intuitive and professional, your voice flows in a warm, inviting way.


The recipe:

  1. Represent Ederra Design as a full service design studio.
  2. Create an irresistible combination of visuals and words that draws dream clients in.
  3. Incorporate more clarity and soul, while illustrating minimalism.
  4. Showcase the value of her worth so she doesn’t have to.
  5. Juxtapose her minimal look with a description of the impact.
  6. Tie inspirational wording back in with straightforward descriptions.

The brand statement:


“To design work that moves hearts, changes the world, influences. To create design that doesn’t add to mental clutter of those experiencing or observing it, that is received as refreshing, honest, minimal, memorable.”


Specializing in mindful, minimal design, Ederra Design helps women-led brands established on heart and soul purposefully expand their reach, affect lives and leave lasting impressions. Building a beautiful brand begins with a modern, handcrafted brand design rooted in strategy and storytelling.”

Favorite snippets








The review

“Before working with Salted Pages, I mostly struggled with being contacted by low budget clients, and people that didn’t align with my business. I felt the level of detail and attention you gave the project was amazing! I really appreciated the strategy and intention you invested as well. I’d tell my friends in the industry to go give you a shot! It’s been a great experience.”

Website copy doesn’t have to be overwhelming

Let us show you how! Learn about our website copy services and follow us on Instagram to see how we make your brand voice shine through.

Modern, Minimal Web Design & Its Copywriting

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