It took just one VIP day to get the interior design copywriting that would have this client booking multiple projects in less than a month after launching her new site. And she got hooked on the Salted Pages copy, ultimately coming back for more website content!

Interior design copywriting (a personal favorite)

Zoe, a Bay Area Interior Designer, specializes in renovations that transform houses into livable, luxurious homes. But much like her clients’ houses, her website copy needed a refresher. Originally, Zoe and I scheduled a VIP day to revamp the content for her website’s home page. Zoe loved the content so much that we scheduled some “overtime” services to work on the finishing touches. The result was a welcoming home page and on-brand content for her about page that makes you excited to refresh your home!

The flavor:

The website, designed by Roxy with Willow and White, needed copy that reflected that unique, yet comforting feeling everyone wants for their homes. We decided on these guiding words for the tone of Zoe’s website.

  1. Approachable. Clear and to the point. Casual, yet professional.
  2. Refined. Relatable. Encouraging.
  3. Warm. Upbeat. Knowledgeable.


Interior design copywriting for a Showit website

The recipe:

  1. Present a professional website that is warm and inviting.
  2. Display her experience to help users envision what their own homes could become.
  3. Excite users to the potential of a comfortable, high-end space that is unique to their tastes.


Interior design copywriting for a Showit website

The brand statement:


“Helping people who value convenience and quality create beautiful, functional homes though refined interior design that tells their unique story.”


“Zoe Lee is a Bay Area interior designer who designs thoughtful and timeless homes for modern lives. Focused on creating a comfortable, high-end space that is recognizably yours, we offer Bay Area interior design services for remodels, new builds and single room renovations. Pairing an insightful creation process with resourcefulness and vendor connections, we’ll take care of every detail.”

Favorite interior design copywriting examples

Interior design copywriting example


Interior design copywriting example


Interior design copywriting example

The review

“I was overwhelmed with the idea of having to develop content and copy for my website. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to say and I definitely didn’t have the eloquent words to describe my business or services! Working with Lauren was a pleasure. She was great at listening and then turning my rambling into coherent, organized, thoughtful, and streamlined description of my services, background, and business overview. I feel like she really was able to capture my voice and personality and say what I was feeling but unable to articulate myself. My website has already generated multiple inquiries leading to booked business in less than 1 month.

I love my new website and copy and feel like it represents who I am and the services I am offering with my voice clearly coming through. Working with Lauren helped me organize and articulate my own business offerings so I could clearly and effectively communicate to clients. Salted Pages is professional, easy to work with, and does a fantastic job creating copy describing your business and capturing what you want and need to say to your clients (and future clients). Don’t hesitate one minute – hire Lauren!”

Make your website the home base for more leads

Let’s get to work! Learn more about custom website copywriting and follow along on Instagram to see what it’s like working together on a VIP day.

Interior Design Copywriting: The Results & Review

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