If you’re here, it’s because you heard about our team writer and lead project support, Amy. Let me go ahead and show you how involved (and incredible) she is.

A brief introduction

Amy has been on the Salted Pages team since February of 2022, and has been full-time with us since January of 2023. She’s put in countless creative hours and words into our projects, and we couldn’t be more grateful to share that.

In short: that Salted touch is natural to Amy

  • Has a Bachelor’s Degree of Arts in History (summa cum laude) from the University of Houston
  • Also holds a Master’s of Science in Scottish History from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland
  • Is responsible for helping our client, Courtney Blair, receive 5 dream inquiries within 5 days of launching (the same project that had zero — zilch — nada revisions)
  • Clients have cried happy tears with her work
  • Reads about 10 books a month (and shares critiques on Instagram at @amyreadstoomuch)
  • She’s also the reason for the below reactions

Tasks we rely on Amy for

As Salted Pages has evolved from a one-writer ship into a smooth-sailing team, we’ve been asked questions like, “Who writes what?” Ultimately, rarely does anything go out the door without at least two writers involved. However, here is a glimpse into how we break up our roles, while bringing you a seamless experience. Amy has a true knack for service pages, and I (Lauren) have mastered the art of an about page. Together, we write what you need.

Here’s a glimpse into how you’ll work with Amy!

  • Onboarding (sending your welcome packet, booking gift, project dashboard, etc.)
  • Quick questions and project status updates
  • Writing website copy, emails, blog posts
  • SEO research (team effort)
  • Initial concepts (team effort)
  • Editing (before you see it, and after your revisions are complete for that final bow on top)

Away from the keyboard, Amy…

  • Loves a cuppa Earl Gray tea (especially when it’s accompanied by Scottish scenery)
  • Incorporates new recipes into her home chef repertoire as often as possible
  • Is refining her floral design skills via local flower markets and DIY video tutorials
  • Knows more fun facts about history (and many other uncritical subjects) than you can shake an encyclopedia at

A team to turn the page with

No one tells you, when starting a business, that one day you’ll be so attached to the brand, you’ll have a near impossible time scaling it. Or outsourcing. Or building a team.⁣ But letting go and trusting another creator with these Salted words was precisely how I changed the tides over this last year, and I am over the moon about it.

Hoping to work with our team of tastemakers? Get in touch.

Meet Part Of The Salted Pages Crew: Amy

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