Some people are more editorial, while others prefer a moodier vibe. But this wedding photographer wanted website wedding industry copywriting to bridge the gap for those of us somewhere in between. Down-to-earth, yet energetic. With Salted Pages, she found that perfect balance between authenticity and vibrancy in her website content.

Wedding industry copywriting

Making magic with wedding industry copywriting

Brittany Emerson, a Michigan photographer, is a romantic at heart. Her bright and colorful approach to wedding, boudoir and family photography magically captures authentic love stories, like a romance novel come to life (but so much more genuine and approachable). But as her business grew, DIYing her website content wasn’t so dreamy. Some things are just easier with a Salted touch. Together, we brought the magic back to her brand with SEO website copy, canned emails and a brand messaging guide.

The flavor

Brittany knows that being in front of the camera can be intimidating for most people, so she makes it her mission to help every single client feel comfortable and confident during their sessions, whether it’s restless children during family photos, or a shy bride-to-be posing for her first ever boudoir shoot. Her brand content needed to feel just as welcoming, so we established these word’s to guide Brittany’s copywriting.

1. Enthusiastic

Upbeat and ever so joyful, her level of energy is contagious with on-the-dance-floor energy.

2. Daring

She’s not afraid to be herself and she encourages others around her to do the same with a fearless, direct style that’s down to earth.

3. Sincere

She puts her whole soul into everything with unquestionable dedication that is relatable, personal and straightforward.


Wedding Photographer Website for Showit

The recipe

Our goal with every project is to sound like our client, talk to the right people and make it easy to grow their business with search engine traffic and conversions. But, there are always a few different goals we like to write out so we are all on the same page.

  1. Be real and make clients feel like they know her within just a few words and photos.
  2. Make it easy for regular people to feel like they can envision having dreamy photos (like the ones Brittany shares) but of them!
  3. Maintain rankings on the boudoir page and increase rankings on the other pages. (Brittany already had great SEO for one of the pages, so we didn’t want to water that down!)
  4. Incorporate shorter paragraphs. (Some prefer the less is more style of writing.)
  5. Reflect your middle-ground approach (not fine art luxury, and not dark and moody, but rather, bright and colorful).
  6. Grow your email list with Flodesk and a free guide.


Wedding Photographer Website on Showit

The brand statement


“My company exists to deliver memorable moments captured on camera. To celebrate all of the things that you’ll easily forget or can go unnoticed on your wedding day. To show women themselves through a new light, not the shaded view society places on us. To help moms remember that it’s the little things that count. Perfect smiles aren’t more important than skinned knees and creating memories.”


“I’m Brittany, a down-to-earth Michigan wedding photographer for down-on-the-dance-floor couples. I capture real moments, taking photos of the love you’ll never take for granted. I hope you’re ready because around here, the energy is contagious, the conversation never stops, and the photos, well, they tell stories with glowing romance. Let’s celebrate together!”

Favorite wedding industry copywriting examples

Wedding Photographer Website Example of Copywriting


Website SEO Copywriting

The review

“I was struggling to convert clients between my website and my email responses. I was finding that my website wasn’t telling the whole story. My favorite part was how easy it was! Lauren made everything so seamless and simple. I am working on my new website with Lauren’s copy and the flow is effortless. I am also working on new branding (with a designer) and it’s been super easy to communicate my wants by using the words and phrases Lauren has put together. I encourage my fellow photographers to go for it! The investment is worth it and will pay off again and again. It’s hard to match your own voice, words on a website and your message cohesively, but Lauren made it possible.”

See? Relatable copywriting can be SEO-focused too

We use website content to highlight your unique voice! Our Pinterest can show you more, and check out our website copywriting services if you like what you see.

Wildly Relatable Wedding Industry Copywriting

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