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Intrigued by the Northfolk Showit templates? See their work used by real brands, and grab our discount code before you leave.

Northfolk Showit templates

Web Design

Northfolk Showit Templates: Discount Code + Examples

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Welcome to a day in the life of a copywriter. Well, a dog-loving, work-from-home, copywriting-company-founder, travel-seeker sort of a copywriter. That would be me — Lauren. In less words and with a little less flavor, I work entirely from home and my niche is SEO website copywriting for creative entrepreneurs. I also have a full-time contract […]

Day in the life of a copywriter

Entrepreneurship, Lifestyle

Day In The Life Of A Copywriter

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I set the tone for this 90+ minute business pitch event. This was a role I didn’t have on my list or on my business plan, but it was unforgettable.


A First This May: Master of Ceremonies

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The key to having a website as bold as your brand? Unique copywriting that sets trends and sets the tone for a one-of-a-kind client experience. We took that spunky tone and ran with it for this Tulsa furniture rental company’s groovy website that truly brings the party. Setting the scene and setting the trends Lesley, […]

Mock up of a furniture rental company's unique copywriting on four tablets.


Unique Copywriting With Eye-Catching Results

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Storytelling is a key part of any website to draw the reader in and make a meaningful connection. We took that to heart for this Scotland photographer’s elopement website, weaving in immersive imagery with a light-hearted tone to capture Scotland’s beauty and the adventurous spirit of elopements. Complete with fluffy cows and bagpipes. A project […]

A mockup of the investment page on a Scotland photographer's elopement website.


Telling A Story With This Photographer’s Elopement Website

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