Spend less time on admin work, book more clients and kick off projects with a bang. Use this Dubsado proposal checklist to do just that!

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What should a proposal include?

Brief introduction

Don’t just list the packages right away. Instead, add a brief paragraph that reminds clients of the value you offer.

Mine starts with this: “I would be honored to assist you in defining your brand voice, creating website content that is tailored to your business and the clients you want to serve.”

You can also include the booking steps, timeline and any other crucial details in this space.

Dubsado proposal header

The header for my Dubsado proposal

Steps to book

Is a deposit required? What about a contract? List the steps for booking. I recommend mentioning the steps briefly at the top and bottom of your proposal.


When will the project start? How long does it take? List those elements in your introduction.

Package details

Of course, include your package details! I recommend using an introduction paragraph that explains the benefits or who the package is meant for. Then, you can use a bullet list to feature the tangible items of your package. The price should also be noted.

Dubsado proposal packages

The packages in my Dubsado proposal for copywriting

Booking incentives

Are any bonuses or discounts included? Mention those too. This can often soften the investment cost.


Remind the client that others are raving about your services.

Reviews featured in a Dubsado proposal

The reviews section for my proposals


This is your chance to upsell! You never know when a client will see an add-on and book that too. I usually include about two add-ons.

What not to include

Contractual details

Oof. Don’t overwhelm potential clients with late fees, copyright, payment dates and other nitty gritty details. Those will all be listed in the contract! There’s no need to bog down the proposal with the hard stuff.

Too many options

Been there, done that, but a proposal with too many options is more likely to confuse and overwhelm a potential client. Use your discovery call (which I recommend holding before you send the proposal) to get an understanding of your client’s needs and goals. Then, narrow down your recommendations based on this.

External links

I used to be guilty of this. If your proposal includes a link to a page on your website or blog post, you might want to reconsider this. The last thing you want is for your potential client to stray away from the proposal. The goal is to keep them there and get them to book! (Okay, I do have one link to a comprehensive process page to give clients a visual overview of the process, but that’s it!)

Don’t forget the email copy

To send a proposal, you need an email to go along with it! Your email should thank the client, link to the proposal and perhaps list the next steps.

Elements to include in a Dubsado proposal

Custom fields

I use the Dubsado custom fields to include the business name and the client’s first name. This makes it feel personal.

Expiration date

Don’t let your pricing and services sit there simmering with potential clients. Give them a limit. One day, you won’t be available as soon as they can get back to you, which can be tricky if the proposal is still active. I have very limited availability which is why I include an expiration date on the proposal. This essentially pencils in the project on my calendar, with 72 hours to really make it official.

Contract & invoice

My proposal includes three tabs. The first is the proposal, which when submitted, populates the contract and invoice. This books clients in minutes and prevents unnecessary back and forth.

Comment box

Let potential clients ask questions. My comment box says, “One of my goals is to lift up individuals — that means helping you as a person and as a business owner. Please, if you have any questions or comments, let me know!”


When I received my brand photos from Rudney Novaes, I immediately added them to my proposals. I swear my booking rates went up immediately.

Custom branding

My proposal is totally customized with my brand fonts and colors from the branding suite I received from The Kate Collective.

How do you write a Dubsado proposal?

There’s a lot of copy that goes into a Dubsado proposal — the introduction paragraph, the package titles, details and then the booking steps too. If you need help, just reach out here!

Dubsado proposal sample

Take a look at my proposal for 2021! If you’re curious about how else I use Dubsado, check out this post.

Dubsado discount code

If you’re interested in checking them out, use the code saltedpages for a 20% discount. This link will automatically apply it for you!

Dubsado Proposal for a Copywriter

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Book more clients with this Dubsado proposal checklist

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