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See the artistic tone of voice, grab our recommended floral website template and get a look into SEO for florists. This project for Aster & Bee was a client x copywriting collaboration without a designer, but with just the same results thanks to a Showit template.

The best florist marketing and SEO, all wrapped up into this Showit floral website design for Aster & Bee

Copywriting, Featured Work

The Latest Floral Website Design: Artistic & SEO-Rich

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For this brand and web designer, we whipped up a tasteful pairing between timeless web design and copywriting. And read about what comes first — design or copy?

An example of timeless web design and copywriting for Studio Kellams on two desktop displays.

Copywriting, Web Design

Timeless Web Design + Copywriting: A Perfect Match

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Intrigued by the Northfolk Showit templates? See their work used by real brands, and grab our discount code before you leave.

Northfolk Showit templates

Web Design

Northfolk Showit Templates: Discount Code + Examples

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There’s nothing like a dash of good-natured Southern charm to make any high-end website feel more inviting. We incorporated that Southern comfort into our copywriting for this wedding photographer in Alabama.

Mockups on a tablet screen for a high-end website for an Alabama wedding photographer.


A High-End Website With A Hint Of Southern Charm

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Don’t know where to start with your copy? Check out these photography copywriting examples to learn how to speak to your ideal client.

Photography copywriting example for a destination wedding photographer.


Photography Copywriting Examples To Inspire You

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