Around here, one of our specialties is copywriting for wedding photographers from luxury destination wedding photographers to adventure elopement photographers. Take a look at some of our favorite examples, to use as inspiration for 2023 website copy updates.

Photography copywriting example for a destination wedding photographer

In this copywriting project with a photographer for destination weddings, we set out to solidify David Abel’s authority in the high-end destination wedding market with luxury-driven messaging. Providing clarity with a dash of intrigue, this copy paints a narrative that establishes a relationship with the client while also encouraging action-oriented wonder. Check out how we pulled off this luxurious website in our blog.

Photography copywriting example for a destination wedding photographer.

We set the tone for this photography copywriting with these guiding words:

  1. Discerning
  2. Polished, yet poetic
  3. Sophisticated

An example from a design-inspired wedding photographer

Taking into consideration her unique photographic style, our photography copywriting for this Annapolis wedding photographer aimed to capture the design-forward feel of her work. Molly has a notable background in graphic design which helps her stand out in a sea of photographers, so we were sure to incorporate a similar edge to her copy with a refined approach that still felt personable. It was with this in mind that we conveyed her mission through careful wordsmithing so her readers felt immediately intrigued. Read more about Molly’s design-forward wedding photography website here.

Photography copywriting examples for a design-forward wedding photographer.

To best communicate Molly’s comprehensive photography experience, we chose the following foundational words to set the tone for her website:

  1. Curated
  2. Approachable
  3. Insightful

Luxurious, yet lighthearted example of website copywriting for a photographer

We do love a bit of lighthearted luxury around here, so if you ask us, the photography copywriting for this Martha’s Vineyard photographer is just *chef’s kiss.* With Jocelyn’s project, we endeavored to resonate with (and convert!) clients by providing a sense of who she is while emphasizing what’s truly important. For this project, we used copy to complement the imagery rather than take away from it. The underlining goal was to present Jocelyn as a photographer who specializes in weddings and portraiture without limiting her scope. Plus this sophisticated, yet simple photography website was designed by one of our preferred web designers at Studio Stefan.

Photography copywriting example for a simple photography website.

To set a strong, yet understated tone of refinement for this website, we chose these guiding words:

  1. Refreshing
  2. Experienced
  3. Intuitive

Fun copy for an adventure elopement photographer

We completely switched gears with the approach for this Utah adventure elopement photographer. Since she is all about the outdoors, this photography copywriting creates an adventure from the very first headline. But, this project presented a unique angle since Courtney is based in both Utah and Alaska. We were careful to target both locations across her website, ensuring that she is understood as an expert in any adventurous setting. The best part? Courtney is a huge Taylor Swift fan, so we were very excited to incorporate Swiftie references wherever we could (check out her site and see how many you can count). You can read more about one of this project here.

Copywriting for an adventure elopement photographer in Utah.

Since Courtney’s client experience is centered around adventure, we chose these tone words to guide the project:

  1. Caring
  2. Easygoing
  3. Welcoming

Southern-inspired example

There’s just something about the good-natured Southern charm that feels so inviting, so we wanted to incorporate that feeling with this website for a wedding photographer in Alabama. With Kate, we found the balance between high-end messaging and a creative narrative that emphasizes the storytelling aspect of her work. The photojournalistic approach of her work is rooted in film photography, so we were sure to highlight her fluency in both film and digital mediums without appearing limiting with our copy.

Southern inspired wedding photography website.

For Kate, we wanted to incorporate that Southern hospitality feel with and elevated touch, so we decided on the following words to set the tone:

  1. Warmhearted
  2. Creative
  3. Attainable luxury

Best tips for photography copywriting:

Need help with your copy? Let’s discuss the all-important ingredients for successful photography copywriting. These tips will help you both gain credibility and build trust with your clients while boosting your SEO too. 

  1. Make the core of your messaging about the client’s experience with you.

While yes, you are the heart of your small business, website content that is centered around the client experience you offer rather than your resume of accomplishments. Your copy should help clients envision themselves living the photography experience that is unique to you.

  1. Stick to your unique brand voice.

Honing in on a brand voice that is true to you and your mission will set you apart from the competition. Your clients want to be able to connect to you, so make sure your copy authentically reflects your brand’s message, and not someone else’s. (Plus Google will be happier with you too). It’s helpful to identify some guiding words to set the tone for your photography copywriting, so this blog includes the tone words we set out for each example.

  1. Include enough content.

Each page on your photography website should have at least 300 words. Yes, this is important for your SEO, but a solid foundation of content (with plenty of personality) in your website copy will help with conversions too. 

These are just the basics, but we’ve spilled the salt — ahem — the details for top-notch copywriting tips for photographers on the blog.

More photography copywriting examples

There are more tasty photography copywriting examples to dive into.

Feel like these photography copywriting examples are speaking to you?

Then let’s get to talking! Photographer websites are our house special, so if you’re looking for content like this tailored to your brand voice, explore our SEO website copywriting services.

Photography Copywriting Examples To Inspire You

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